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5 Tips for Making it Through Your First Week With Braces

female wearing braces

Are you getting braces? If so, congratulations are in order. You'll soon be joining over four million Canadians and Americans who are currently working with an orthodontist toward a straighter, healthier smile. It's only natural that you might be wondering what to expect when your orthodontist first puts braces on your teeth. But, not to worry - this is your guide. Please keep reading for our top five tricks for making it through those first challenging days.

Avoid Hot and Cold One of the most significant differences some patients notice when getting braces is an increased sensitivity to hot and cold food. Skip these extremes during your first days with braces for a more comfortable experience overall. And, keep in mind that a bit of gum sensitivity is normal, too. Eat Soft Food Traditional braces can cause temporary sensitivity to hard and crunchy foods, as well as a feeling of weakness while chewing. But, don't worry - in most cases, this passes in just a few days. In the meantime, stick to soft foods like cooled soup and mashed potatoes or slightly soggy cereal and smoothies. These are easy to chew and won't leave you feeling fatigued partway through a meal. Switch Toothbrushes This point is especially important when it comes to braces for kids, who might have slightly more sensitive teeth and gums than adults. But, no matter how old you are, a soft toothbrush will likely feel more comfortable during your first days with metal braces in your mouth. You'll likely be brushing more frequently and thoroughly than before, and firm bristles can lead to mild discomfort. As a bonus, this subtle change can also assist with periodontal care and your gum health overall! Manage discomfort If you feel more than mild discomfort during your first few days with braces, it's perfectly fine to use over-the-counter pain medication for temporary relief. Just be sure to follow the manufacturer's dosing instructions and reach out to your dentist if you feel moderate to severe discomfort or intense pain. It is highly unlikely that you'll feel anything more than a bit of soreness, though, so don't start stressing on this point! Follow Up Taking care of your new brackets once they're installed is just as important as preparing for braces. And, most patients wear them for one to three years - so you can expect to get plenty of face time with your orthodontist. You'll likely be in touch with your dental clinic during these first days via a virtual follow-up, phone call, or in-office appointment. Afterwards, be sure to stick to your monthly maintenance for the best and fastest results! For Braces Durham Dental Has You Covered Now that you know a bit more about what to expect from those first critical days, you're probably starting to get excited. That's awesome! Keep this blog post handy, so you don't lose any of our top tips. Are you still searching for the perfect orthodontist? If you need braces, Ajax has one outstanding option - Durham Dental Centre. Contact us today to book an appointment or share your comments and queries. Our patient and professional staff are standing by, and we look forward to hearing from you


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