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Visit a Pickering Dentist Today!

Visit Durham Dental Centres for an appointment with a Pickering dentist. At Durham Dental Centres, your comfort and satisfaction are our highest priority. We offer a full range of dental services and procedures for the entire family that are designed to preserve your smile. We use a variety of different technology to provide effective dental work, and our staff is always responsive and attentive. When you’re looking for a Pickering dentist, you can rely on our team.

Each of our dentists has different focuses and specialties, making our clinic perfect for a wide range of your dentistry needs. Please give us a call, send an email, or use the eform on this page to share any questions or concerns you might have, or to schedule an appointment at our office.

Why Choose Our Pickering Dentist?

If you experience worry or anxiety about visiting the dentist, there are a few things you should know! Our trusted Pickering dentists always work to put you at ease. Each of our dentists shares certain traits that make them great at what they do. If you’re looking for a new Pickering dentist, it is a good idea to find one that is:

Easy to talk to

A dentist that tries to get to know you on a more personal level before beginning treatment will help you feel more comfortable.


Dentists work with sharp metal objects in your mouth, but you can trust that our experienced and skilled dentists take their time and follow all necessary precautions to limit pain as much as possible during procedures.


Mouths are small work spaces, so dentists are very focused and detail-oriented workers. Small misalignments and even smaller cavities can wreak havoc on your oral health, so your dentist needs to be able to identify even the smallest of potential problems.


Dentists should be passionate about providing care to those in need. We offer general dentistry as well as emergency work so that you can find solutions to your dental pain as quickly as possible.

Good communicator

Your mouth is a sensitive area, so it’s best when your Pickering dentist is a good communicator during procedures. Telling you every step of the process and making sure you aren’t in too much pain is an important part of our treatment process.


Good dentists take time in every appointment to make sure their patients are comfortable and relaxed. They’ll pay attention to your needs and make adjustments along the way as necessary.

If you’re looking for a Pickering dentist with these qualities, be sure to contact Durham Dental Centres.


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