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When to Get Your Wisdom Tooth Extracted?

Wisdom Tooth extraction

Removing wisdom teeth would be necessary if they are misaligned or impacted. Misalignment can cause damage to the adjacent teeth or jawbone. Also, partial eruption of wisdom teeth can lead to infection, pain or swelling. Wisdom tooth removal at a younger age is beneficial as the roots are yet to be formed. Consult a dentist if you experience issues with your wisdom teeth and for the necessary treatment for pain. Count on Durham Dental Centres for trustworthy wisdom teeth removal services. We also offer dental care and emergency services for patients of all ages.

Signs You Might Need Wisdom Teeth Removal Common signs that indicate you need to get your wisdom teeth extracted are: Difficulty Eating Your wisdom tooth might be the reason you have difficulty while eating or chewing food. Wisdom teeth can cause misalignment among your teeth, leading to difficulty in opening and closing your mouth. Check with your dentist if wisdom tooth removal is the last resort for the pain. Gum Inflammation Get the wisdom tooth removed if you notice inflammation in your gums. Check for signs including: · Swollen or bleeding gums · Reddish areas around gums · Sore gum line Sometimes the wisdom tooth can create a flap of gum tissue that traps food particles, making the teeth difficult to clean. The food particles allow bacteria to enter the gums, causing inflammation. This condition is known as Pericoronitis and it most often occurs in lower molars. Sinus Problems Sinus issues are linked to dental problems. As your wisdom teeth grow, the development of roots puts pressure on your sinuses. This leads to headaches, congestion and sinus pain, especially in the upper jaw area. Wisdom Teeth Are Crooked Wisdom tooth removal might be necessary if the growth of your tooth is crooked. Crooked wisdom teeth can damage the neighbouring teeth causing them to shift sideways. Your dentist will take an X-ray to examine the wisdom teeth and individual teeth around it. If the wisdom tooth is likely to grow crooked, it is best to extract it to prevent further problems. Formation of Cysts and Cavities The position of the wisdom teeth can lead to cysts and cavities, allowing bacteria to grow between the teeth. Cysts are fluid sacs that accumulate and lead to infection in the nearby area. An impacted wisdom tooth can also lead to cavities and tooth decay. Oral Pain and Irritation The most common symptom for wisdom tooth removal is oral pain. If you feel any irritation or pain in the mouth, consult your dentist immediately to confirm if the pain is due to wisdom tooth. Sometimes impacted wisdom teeth can lead to symptoms including: · Bleeding gums · Jaw pain · Swelling in the jaw · Bad breath Even if you do not notice symptoms, your dentist might recommend the extraction of impacted wisdom teeth to prevent dental problems in the future. Consult with a trusted dentist for any concerns about wisdom tooth removal. Durham Dental Centres provides wisdom teeth removal services in Ajax, Whitby and Pickering. We also offer a full range of dental procedures using the latest technology. Our services include cosmetic dentistry, tooth-coloured fillings and comprehensive dentures treatment. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for wisdom teeth removal surgery.


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