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Cosmetic Dentistry Has Come a Long Way

Cosmetic dentistry has come a long way in the last few years. Once the purview of the rich and famous, today it is affordable and easily accessible to all.

So, what is cosmetic dentistry? How does it differ from normal or restorative dentistry? And what can it do for you? A cosmetic dentist in Whitby, Ontario is a master of the art and science of dentistry. He or she has had years of training and experience in the field of restorative dentistry, has the artist’s eye to design and create the perfect smile and the communicator’s talent to work with you, the patient, to satisfy your needs. No small task! How can cosmetic dentistry give you back your confident and perfect smile?

  • Whitening. If your teeth are structurally sound, your Pickering dentist may simply offer you the option to whiten your teeth through a simple and non-invasive whitening procedure. This can be done in-office or at home.

  • Composite bonding is a relatively simple procedure. One office visit to your cosmetic dentist in Whitby, Ontario is often enough to repair chipped, cracked or broken teeth with a tooth-coloured composite resin. Bonding may be done in conjunction with enamel shaping and contouring to improve the length, position and shape of teeth, or correct crooked, irregular or overlapping teeth and minor bite problems.

  • Composite and porcelain veneers are a slightly more involved procedure than bonding, but more professional looking and longer lasting. Veneers are custom-made shells that cover the front of teeth. They are used to improve chipped, cracked, worn, poorly shaped or slightly crooked teeth.

  • Porcelain crowns. Your Pickering dentist may suggest crowns for more heavily damaged teeth. They tend to be more expensive than bonding or veneers, but will last longer and be stronger.

  • Braces and aligners. Today, people of all ages can benefit from braces to correct teeth that are crooked or crowded and improve an irregular bite. Braces can often be bonded to the back of teeth, making them virtually invisible. Depending on the correction required, clear custom-made aligners may also be the solution. These are removed while eating, flossing and brushing.

  • Porcelain bridgework. Otherwise known as fixed partial dentures, bridges replace missing teeth. They are anchored to neighboring healthy teeth.

  • Dental implants also replace missing teeth. They require several visits to your dentist, but their longevity, low maintenance and natural look and feel make them the solution of choice for many people.

Are you looking for a cosmetic dentist in Whitby, Ontario? Contact us at Durham Dental with all of your questions! At Durham Dental, our prize-winning dentists have been serving the Pickering, Whitby and Ajax communities since 1997. Call us today!


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