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6 Frequently Asked Questions About Root Canal Treatment

root canal treatment

The words 'root canal treatment' immediately conjure up feelings of anxiety and fear in many. But it does not have to be that way and much misinformation is often spread about this routine treatment. A root canal procedure is not as bad as you think and to set your mind at rest, we answer some of your most frequently asked question below.

What is Root Canal Treatment? The root canal is a vein that bring nutrients from your jaw to your tooth. If the area becomes infected, it can be extremely painful as the narrow passage also contains a nerve. Root canal treatment is a way to save a tooth that has become infected or damaged. If left it is possible that it may abscess. How is it Performed? Infected tissue and pulp that surround your tooth's nerve removed. This means the infection can no longer spread and saves the tooth itself. The tooth is then refilled to make it strong. Filling the root canal will help stop the spread of infection. The procedure should take a few hours as it does contain quite a few steps. Is it Safe? Root canal procedures are performed on thousands of Canadians every year. They are a proven, effective way to combat infection and save the tooth. What is the Recovery Period? Any minimal discomfort and swelling should begin to reside within 24 hours after the operation. It is likely you will be given a follow-up visit to check the progress of the tooth. You may be given a prescription for pain relief or antibiotics by your dentist. Always follow the instructions your dentist provides. It is important your treat the tooth carefully and correctly in the days after the operation. Will it Hurt? Due to the use of anesthetics, it is very rare that your root canal will cause you pain. In many cases, the root canal is so painful that the procedure provides a huge amount of relief for the patient. After the procedure, you may find that your mouth is a little swollen and uncomfortable. This will be due to the movement of the dentist inside your mouth, in an area that is usually soft and tender. This pain will be minimal and can be managed using over the counter pain relief. What are the Alternatives? It is highly probable that if an infected tooth is not dealt with, it will abscess, and the infection will move to other parts of the gums and jaw. This can mean losing other teeth close to the original source. In extreme cases, abscessed root canals have been known to lead to brain damage or death. The only other alternative is to have the tooth extracted and lose it completely. Talk to your dentist about your options. How can Durham Dental Centre Help? Durham Dental Centre provides a range of general and cosmetic dentistry procedures to the community in Ajax, including root canal treatment. We can offer work for all ages so can take care of your whole family’s needs, either on a regular basis or in an emergency. Schedule a check-up with the Durham Dental Centre today.




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